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Compassion, pity, and “empathy burnout”

A dear friend, who recently experienced several weeks of unemployment, wrote that through this ordeal she noticed that, “sometimes people feel sorry for you, then they feel compassion, then they feel pity.”┬áHer observation reminded me of the responses I received … Continue reading

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When asked to make a dream come true, you say “Yes!”

What do you do when asked to make a dream come true for a young veteran of the Iraq war, who is battling leukemia that was likely caused by the spent uranium spread by US munitions in the region? First, … Continue reading

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The soldier wants to be a sailor

On a recent evening I left work an hour early to drive to a federal medical facility, where I passed through a security clearance that included a vehicle search, purse inspection and my walking through a metal detector. Afterward, I … Continue reading

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Yesterday was 9/12, the day that Benjamin Wheeler was born. He would have been seven years old, had he lived that long. Had he not been gunned down, along with 19 other children and six adults, in the mass murder … Continue reading

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Sea Scouts christen boat in memory of Sandy Hook boys

A blanket of soft gray clouds hung low along the Potomac River recently matching the somber mood as Prince William County Scouts and Sea Scouters and beyond gathered to christen a boat in memory of the two Tiger Cub Scouts … Continue reading

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The third “good morning”

Most mornings, I ride my bike or walk the dog along the mile or so between my house and the river. Often, I see familiar faces along the way–neighbors and others who are also up and out early. Two of … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day, Jerome

My thoughtful daughters gave me colorful flowers and a lobster dinner, but the most memorable part of my Mother’s Day was helping to save a young man from himself while simultaneously betraying him. I first saw him through my front … Continue reading

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Bigger than me

A sweet friend is going through divorce, feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of re-entering the workforce, household and auto maintenance, finances, grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, general parenting and dealing with the kids’ emotional fallout. Solo. I have a good … Continue reading

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Nothing more holy

“All about the love, and if we don’t go here ourselves, all of us, we aren’t going to make it.” Continue reading

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Tami’s own special way

Late last week I received an update about Tami, the young teen in my post, “A Girl I Don’t Know,” and about the teen group in general. The news touched my heart and soul, bringing forth tears of gratitude and … Continue reading

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