US Yachts 27

I found some more info about the US Yacht boats online, which indicates it is a nifty craft. Here are some owner reviews of the US Yacht 27, a US Yachts Owners Group, and a Yacht Information Gallery that provides some rigging and layout info.

The donor sent this info previously:

She has a beam of 9ft 3in, weights around 8,000 pounds and would require a special permit to haul it on the highways. I have attached a few pictures and what data I have about her, I am the third owner.The pictures are of a sister ship, but it is the identical boat. All the sails have been recut and a brand new Selden roller-furling was installed prior to lay-up, I never had the chance to use it. The genoa is a 150% sail and really moves her along quit well by it self. The sailcover is new and she sports a Bimini, could use a dodger to extend the season. The bilge cover sole pieces are bad; however, I have new teak sole already cut to size and was in the process of installing them before I became ill.

She has been on dry land since 2002; however, every system worked at the time of lay-up. I have been over to check on her several times, and just this past weekend as well. She needs some cleaning on the inside, but all of the cushions (which have been cleaned), sails, sailcover, anchor rode and chain have been stored in my garage, along with a full compliment of life vests.

If you are not familiar with Us Yachts, they were around in the early 1980’s to almost 1990 out of Seattle, Washington. They bought Pearson hull molds for 25, 27, and 30 foot sailboats, so in essence the hulls are Pearson and very thick compared to todays boats. Bayliner bought them out and continued the line and supplied the decks for US Yachts even before the purchase. I believe Bayliner changed the name to the Buccaneer line of sailboats. Several Buccaneer Clubs can be found on the internet. They shipped with few options except for engine size, a single cylinder 8 hp Volvo-Penta diesel and a 2 cylinder 16 hp engine of the same manufacturer.

She has been a great boat for my wife and I and very dependable. She brought us home in the worst storm to hit the Chesapeake Bay in 50 years (the wind and waves capsized and sank a 65 ft Skipjack). I was not out there by choice I can assure you. We had the genoa only up in order to beat against the wind, driving rain and 8 ft waves, but she brought us home.

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