Palace of Peace

When I was looking at houses, dreaming of a new place, a new life, a place where the kids and I could build a life of comfort and companionship, I would ride my bicycle through Willowbrook, imagining. This house caught my eye. Even though I don’t care for the look of the mansard roof, something about this house attracted me. It wasn’t just that it’s an end unit with a larger backyard and a new fence. Whenever I rolled by, something said, “home.”

Often while I ride, a song will be on my mind, and Yusuf Islam’s “Maybe There’s a World” was frequently playing between my ears as I looked at houses, as I gazed at this house, imagining…

Somehow, through abundant challenges, roller coaster emotions, an on-and-off-again deal, and the discovery and resolution of serious problems, I ended up with a solid contract on the house, my Palace of Peace.

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