Long Cruise impending

Tomorrow morning at 10AM I will be at the commuter lot, waiting for 5 scouts and another adult to meet me for the jaunt to Baltimore where we will begin our first long cruise. I have been working all weekend to prepare: taking care of grass and garden so I can leave them, writing pet/plant/house care instructions for my younger daughter, pulling together the program I will run on Monday, making last minute adjustments to arrangements, wrapping up the quarterdeck meeting agenda, buying food, organizing papers, and much more.

On top of that, I have had to work on coordinating some details for the Amanda Grace repositioning cruise–like providing th engine handbook and mechanic’s manual for her engine, making an operations and maintenance log, contacting Skipper Yeckley and connecting him to John, and so on.

I keep hoping that my time aboard der PeLiKan, the cruise itself, will be like the “effective skipper” scenario that our COR keeps mentioning: during the activity, the skipper looks like she isn’t doing anything but sipping her iced tea and socializing–because she’s done her work ahead and her scouts know what to do and are doing it. Can it be more than a dream?

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