New investors

I called for a stand-in for the Wednesday night sail last night, as I need to focus on our long cruise this week. The one person who volunteered is the mom with 2 kids in the program. She took the online Youth Protection course and went on the sail, also bringing her adult daughter. Both women enjoyed the sail–which, according to my daughter, was excellent; she could have had the leeward rail buried if she had dared–and the mom wants to come back for more. Another scout’s mother is helping by driving kids up on Monday and hanging out with us until Dan arrives between 8 and 9 PM, so we can have program all afternoon and be ready to sail by 10AM Tuesday. Her son is one of those who most loves sailing, and he focuses well on tasks aboard a boat. She sees the value of the program to his development and life, and she’s going to invest in that, as do some of our other parents. One parent at a time…

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