The power of a uniform

Before the QD (Quarterdeck– youth petty officers) meeting last night, a man in the VFW lounge saw our uniforms, identified us as Sea Scouts, and said he needed to talk to one of us. I figured that would be me. The gentleman turned out to be VFW 7916 Post Commander Wayne Dearie, who was very kind regarding our request to sell popcorn at the VFW’s food booth at the Occoquan Craft Fair. He said he would even scooch the booth over a little bit so we could have a little space.

While I was leaving the QD meeting, accompanied by two of my scouts, a fellow entering the VFW lounge said, “You must be the Sea Scouts,” as he eyed our uniforms. It turns out that he is a new (returning) volunteer for the VFW’s newsletter. He said that the photo–Ann Cameron Siegal’s now famous shot of our scouts standing atopĀ Amanda Grace–is “gracing the back cover” and he wanted to give me a couple hundred words to add to that. I gave him my card and he said he would contact me, that the timing was perfect to get something in the publication. I told him I could have it for him almost instantly.

Sure enough, the veteran gave me a call at work this morning, 5 minutes before I went on the clock. A brief conversation, and he was up for giving me “as many words as you want, so long as you dispel the myths” about the ship. Also, because he wants to learn more about the Sea Scout program for his own edification, I invited the gentleman to join us. His enthusiastic response prompted me to think of inviting other VFW members, as well as the Occoquan District Supervisor, and some of our supporters in the community. One never knows what a uniform can bring about.

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