Weathering Hanna

During tropical storm Hanna, Amanda Grace managed to drag the 50 lb plow anchor, bump against another boat, and get its anchor rode hooked on her rudder. Skipper Yeckley said it might take a swimmer to free it, so I arranged with one of my scouts’ dads to take his son up there after school tomorrow, but also let Doug know that it would be a long drive through bad traffic, and they would arrive no earlier than 6PM. Fortunately, Doug managed to untangle the line, but I think his patience is wearing a bit. Still no captain has committed to moving Amanda Grace, either. It may end up with my Mate for Program and me moving her on Columbus Day weekend.

Another boat trouble came to light yesterday morning when I found a message from Leesylvania’s Assistant Park Manager on my cell phone. She said the park staff saw only one of our boats out there after the storm. Ah, geeze! I called John, who told me he had pulled one out to power wash it. I did not have time to bang on him for not notifying me of the change in boat status–yesterday was insanely busy at work–so that is on my list for today.

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