Group hug!

The benefits of Sea Scouting are the driving force behind my protracted effort to build a high quality ship that offers an excellent program. There is no fame or glory, the only financial considerations are disincentives (uniform, insignia and nameplate, gas, dinners for contributors, etc. are costing me a fair amount), and I often find my living space is piled with boat parts, donations, boxes of popcorn, stacks of paper, and more.
However, the intangible benefits are a more than worthy return on my time, money, and storage capacity. The reward is in helping a scout plan his first successful ship activity and seeing the confidence it builds; in watching a shy scout find she has skills that can make an important contribution to the entire ship; in looking at photos of scouts from a year ago and recognizing how much they have matured in that short time. Sometimes, parents even comment on what they see the program doing for their teen. Two days ago I received an email that caused me to break out in a broad grin when I read what the mom wrote, “Sea Scouts is so wonderful. [My son] is  excited about this weekend and he actually said ‘I’m excited’.  That  doesn’t happen much.  I love Sea Scouts ’cause I’ve met such wonderful  people! Group Hug!”

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