My own WNTW episode

A longtime friend is addicted to watching “What Not to Wear” (WNTW), and sometimes relays to me its content. My own WNTW episode is happening tonight. My Sea Scout leader’s uniform arrived, Caitlin started adding the insignia, and I’m wearing the thing to the Wardroom Award Dinner this evening.
While I will opt for the black slacks instead of the skirt (which arrived in need of hemming), and the insignia and buttons are different, it looks much like the old Naval officer uniform.
To add injury to insult, it is costing me about $90 (the hat/accessories alone are about $34).
The uniform is a necessity because my scouts and I will be part of theĀ landship ceremony at the dinner.
This is necessary because we need practice in order to be prepared for performing the ceremony at theĀ Northeast Region Bridge of Honor in NJ at the end of March.
This is necessary because my scouts accepted the honor and request from Commodore Yeckley, from whom the teens received their dress blue and dress white uniforms at no charge (saving them about $200 each).
The things I will do for these kids!

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