Regional Bridge of Honor, here we come!

Tomorrow at 0900 we leave for the Northeast Regional Bridge of Honor and Sea Scout Ball in Swedesboro, NJ. Six of my scouts committed to this venture, which, in turn, committed me to it, as well. Because of this, a great deal has gone into making this event a success. A quick accounting:

  • Yeoman Fucello spent time coordinating with Commodore Alexander and the VFW to arrange the practice sessions.
  • Commander¬†Cirone arranged to use Navy vans and to bring his Cadets to us for drill, allowed us to participate in training at the Navy Yard, had his Supply Officer teach us about uniforms, and even paid for ice cream.
  • Commodore Yeckley gave the ship youth their dress uniforms, agreed to come all the way here for a practice and committed to bringing his landship equipment to the RBOH for us to use.
  • Skipper Ballew was kind enough to invite us to participate in the Wardroom landship ceremony.
  • Commodore Alexander spent an afternoons of his busy life to travel to Occoquan and teach us the ceremony.
  • I put $100 into a uniform and have spent numerous hours planning, coordinating, filing, writing, and more.
  • Mate Anderson bought a uniform and will give up his weekend to represent our ship.
  • Mr. Fucello is dedicating his weekend to driving us up to NJ and back.
  • Boatswain Keller putting effort into making the script into a much more comprehensive format.

That is a long string of events, isn’t it? My scouts said they wanted to perform the landship ceremony at the big regional event, and each person has done their work because we believe in them and their ability to rise to the occasion.

I expect they will keep their commitment, apply themselves 100% and succeed in making the RBOH landship a high success.

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