Skipper of the year!

Five of my scouts, two parents, and one of my Mates attended the National Capital Area Council (NCAC) Wardroom Awards Dinner last night. Those of us in dress uniform participated in the landship ceremony with Ship 1942.
My scouts formed the port crew in blues, and Skipper Ballew’s scouts formed the starboard crew in whites. We arrived early and ran through the ceremony twice before the dinner began.
Once everyone had time to eat, we began the official ceremony, which started with the Boatswain from 1942 and me, standing on opposite sides of the landship, saluting each other, the flags, then boarding. After that, my role consisted mostly of standing at attention until the end, where the Boatswain and I did the same, before debarking.
Our scouts performed remarkably well. They were attentive to detail and really put themselves into it. Skipper Ballew even came over to the table to tell them what a great job they did. They certainly made
me proud, and gave indication that they will do very fine in NJ at the end of March.
As I stood at attention in the landship, listening to the awards announcements and applauding the recipients, I was surprised to hear Commodore Alexander say my name after “Skipper of the Year.” According to our Boatswain, my scouts said some very nice things about me, which one added to the nomination form.
Being one of the rare female skippers has its challenges. In a mostly-male environment, the men sometimes forget that women are “aboard.” Hence, the “Skipper of the Year” award congratulates a woman for, among other things, “
hisparticipation…” and “the manner in which¬†he has promoted Sea Scouting…” I suppose I will have to bring them up to speed. Gently, of course.

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