31 Emails, 27 Letters, 8 Phone Calls, 3 Thank-You Notes, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

I would not call the load typical, but yesterday’s Sea Scout work was such a challenge that I decided to log it. This was completed during the time before work, on my lunch break, and between arriving home from my commute and hitting the hay. The tally:

31 Emails: read/wrote emails, including but not limited to: to a scout who is planning an activity, to remind him to remind his crew to dress appropriately, bring lunch/water, and the all important permission slip; a mom who is new to the Yahoogroup and needed to know where to find a permission slip; a mom who asked if her son can come on the Saturday Sail; a scout regarding service hours; to the 2 Commodores, regarding service hours; to the captain of this week’s Saturday Sail regarding Youth Protection Training; my Chief Boat Procurement officer, regarding some boat paperwork; to the scout and Commodore and a parent regarding tonight’s Navigation class; to a parent regarding the pick-up plans for a scout going on an activity this weekend, from my Mate for Administration, regarding her ability to attend various activities; approved 1 email for posting to the ship’s Yahoogroup, and tweaked the associated calendar listing so it did not repeat every 3 days with no end.

27 Letters: folded, stuffed, stamped, sealed those I had printed, signed and addressed–asking service groups to provide some financial assistance for our scout who has been accepted to the SEAL advanced leadership training.

8 Phone Calls: made/received calls, including: 3 with my Chief Boat Procurement Officer; 1 with a Saturday Sail captain; 2 with the SEAL scout’s parent; 1 with a parent whose teen wants to come to Navigation class; 1 to the Commodore regarding Navigation class and materials.

3 Thank-You Notes: wrote, addressed, stamped: 2 to friends who could not attend the car wash fund raiser but mailed donations to me, one to the parents of Catherine A. Mullikin, in whose memory they gave the Sea Scout Volunteer of the Year award to Rebecca, and made a $250 donation to our ship. The first two received our new photo postcard thank you notes bearing a picture of our scouts in dress uniform. With the latter, I enclosed one of our scouts at the Bridge of Honor, and one of Rebecca with the award and Catherine’s sister, who presented it.

1 Hour Writing Editing: about 30 minutes on updating the Activity Planning Guide, based on what I have recently learned from mentoring scouts through the planning process; about 30 minutes on boat paperwork.

1 Permission Obtained: for said Navigation class to be held in a public building.

I think I will take it a little easier today.

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