Captain Chaos

Yesterday I received a much-needed and far-too-long-awaited reward. It had been six months since I had really sailed, and that previous time was the Amanda Grace homecoming, during which we only sailed for about 1 of the 26 hours under way. It was nice, but not enough.

A couple of other sailing opportunities had arisen this spring, but both fell flat due to circumstances beyond my control. Highly frustrated, even agitated, and frazzled from weeks of workplace and Sea Scout hassles, I was in dire need of a sail. The forecast was excellent, but, would everything fall into place? I hoped for it so hard I ached, and yet dared not set my heart on the sail.

Finally, my dream came true. The captain turned the tiller over to me as soon as we were past the channel, my need for speed and lack of fear gained me the moniker “Captain Chaos,” and I wore it proudly.

We had perfect weather with near excellent wind! (“Just a little more wind” is my mantra.) I had the leeward rail almost buried several times, and once the wind freshend so much that I even loosened the traveler. It was that good. Faaaaabulous sailing. Ahhhhhhh.

The captain had stated that he had a couple of hours to sail, but I conned him into staying out for 4.5. I did not beg or even ask, I just kind of…sailed. Sailed far away from the dock, and seemed to have trouble making a homeward tack. The wind just was not right to go in, it called me to play and fly and relax and delight, and so, I had to take Captain Chaos’s Route to Joy.

Finally, I confessed that, if the captain wanted to go back to the dock, he would have to take the tiller, as I could not bear to end such a sail. I would have sailed ’til the wind died or it became too dark to see. I should have a day like that at least once a month.

I got my reward. And now I am happy, content, and ready to face…whatever comes.

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