Really Rolling

Things are really rolling with my Sea Scouts! With more of them taking on the task of making things happen, recently I have been:


  • Preparing twenty-seven letters to various community service organizations, asking for financial assistance for my scout who is going to the SEAL advanced leadership training in June.
  • Prompting a scout to send out final details and permission slip reminder to those who signed up for the der PeLiKan work day next weekend.
  • Helping our Boatswain’s Mate for Administration to coordinate sign-ups and schedule for the Occoquan River Festival. (See my post on that,¬†Great Opportunity). It’s pretty cool, and another circle come around.
  • Planning a press release for said River Festival activity.
  • Giving a heads up about the River Festival to a responsible and mature scout from another ship, in case we have a slot available in our schedule.
  • Prompting¬†our Storekeeper, who committed to planning a car wash fund raiser, by sending him the BSA form he needs to use.
  • Trying to determine whether our SEAL scout needs the practice test and chartlet for her training on Tuesday, and, if so, how to get it to her.
  • Gearing up for the annual Henry I. Nygard Regatta, a skills competition weekend, preparing for which includes training, filing permits, registration, collecting fees, paying fees, and more. I had to turn down the invitation to speak at the VaHomeschoolers conference, which is the same day–a very difficult thing to say “no” to, given all I have put into the organization and how much my heart is still with it. But if the scouts participate in Regatta and have a good time, the loss and effort will be worthwhile.
  • Sending thank you notes to two friends who couldn’t make the car wash but wanted to send a donation anyway.
  • Sending a thank you note for the connection to the Half Shell opportunity.
  • Making a PDF of the latest version of the “Handbook for Members” and sending that out, so members can read and bring their feedback to the QD meeting on the 21st.
  • Prompting scouts and leaders alike to turn in their Class III health forms so they can go out on boats.
  • Asking an adult leader to post info about the training he is planning.
  • Hoping that someone will volunteer to coordinate the Saturday Sails before the first two sails have passed, as I cannot take on one more thing.
  • Filing for an extension on my federal taxes. Whoops!
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