Tough Spot

Some of my older scouts have fallen down and put me in a tough spot. I went from having 10 scouts–a mix of seasoned and green–to crew the Half Shell water taxi for the May 2nd River Festival, to seven scouts, four of whom are totally green. I had wanted to pair the greens with the seasoned, so the latter could be mentors, and maybe I would be able to relax for a few minutes here and there during my 10-hour watch. Now I have to be “on” for the whole trip, and rework the schedule again, as well.

Of the three seasoned scouts who fell down, one did not try to obtain the swim evaluation, one realized late that he had previously made another commitment that day, and one did not even give me the courtesy of answering the email. Needless to say (because anyone in my exact position would do exactly this) I am practicing my Most Excellent Pirate Exclamations! ARRRRGGGHH!

(And, yes, this was posted in the wee hours; I’m awake with Skipper’s worries.)

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