An acquaintance noted that it seems the results of the Sea Scouting program make me feel good, and I agreed. Being able to give to kids the stuff I was denied–and knowing it makes a difference–is the absolute best feeling. While I was having a set of the articles about our ship laminated at Staples yesterday, a man noticed the pictures, struck up a conversation, and commented on the value of this kind of program. He said, “I was in Civil Air Patrol, I am sixty-one-years-old, and still carry some of the benefits with me today.” Wow! I like to think that will be the case for at least some of our scouts.

COR Sanford told me it takes about 3 years to get a scout unit running smoothly, and we are about halfway there. I’m hoping to get to the “smooth” point by the 2-year mark, but we shall see. There is always a new challenge, and I am learning a great deal about things I never imagined would have anything to do with bringing sailing back into my life. They say education is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. Part of my “education”: Going to freaking NJ to perform a formal ceremony! Being the Number One Complaint Department Manager! Having to fix the stupid flag finial! Sewing insignia on various uniforms! And dealing with paperwork and administrative details! OY! But, mostly, it’s really good stuff. Seeing what Sea Scouting does for the kids is the thing that makes it all worthwhile. Oh, yes, and the occasional great sail!

PS- I published this post, went to my mail inbox and found this “Thought to Start Your Day” from another Sea Scouter:“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” -Albert Pine
Far out!

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