Quotes from Seabadge XIX

Ship 7916 scout and current Boatswain, Rebecca, started a tradition of collecting quotes from each activity. Since she was not able to attend the Seabadge XIX training (Charlie Crew rocked the hardest!) at the USCG Curtis Bay repair yard this fall, it fell upon me to keep the tradition. Being I was absorbed in class activities most of the weekend, I was able to obtain just a few choice quotes:

“You’re a Sea Scout…suck it up!”

“If not for the youth, we wouldn’t be here.”
“Sea Scouts would probably be better without the youth.”

“The scouts don’t check their email.”

“We avoided death once again.”

“It ain’t fun if it’s safe.”
“I’m not going out on a boat with you!”

“Here, we’re preparing leaders. There, [US Naval Sea Cadets] they are preparing warriors.”

“Those kids spend half their life reading and ignoring email.”

“I knew you had issues, too.”

“The sooner you learn to say, ‘Yes, dear,’ the happier you will be.”

“Sorry, Steve, we’re out of time.”

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