Tiger Mother… sort of

My post, “Tiger Mother, Sort Of,” is up at TheHomeSchoolMom.com blog. Excerpt:

Like children of Tiger Mothers everywhere, my girls were also expected to make all “A’s”. I pushed them, sometimes very hard–out the door in good weather. In the closed environment of a 1/4-acre garden, they had to work at making “A’s” in such rigorous subjects as Playing In The Bushes, Pill Bug Science, Scooter Rodeo, Faerie Resort Construction, Ripe Fig Discernment and, during rainy weather, Downspout Physics.

In their indoor studies, my children were expected to excel in Kitchen Chemistry, Muffin Math, Scooter Rodeo and Guinea Pig Psychology. Furthermore, the girls had to master Empathy, Cultural Enjoyment, Making & Keeping Friends, Starting & Quitting, and Self-Examination.

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