Keeping connection

The past two weeks have been difficult, as I have dealt with an injured wrist that has kept me from sailing, cycling and gardening. These favorite physical activities help me keep my life in balance, so when I cannot engage in them, I feel off kilter. Frustration follows, and maintaining a positive mindset and demeanor becomes a challenge.

Periods of difficulty have taught me the importance of holding connection to the things that sustain me, even if only by the thinnest thread. If I cannot sail, I can catch glimpses of the river when I ride my bike. If I cannot ride my bike, I can imagine I’m pedaling it over the hills and valleys during the last leg of my daily commute.

Even imagining myself engaged in favorite activities can serve to ease my mind and bring a smile to my face. This creates a positive start that sets the tone for the rest of my day. Then I can share my happy spirit with the people I encounter, and lift their spirits, as well. Keeping connection to what sustains me is a simple but powerful act.

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