A beautiful wind on the river

Two of my fellow sailors were out enjoying the river this lovely day–and rubbing my nose in the fact that I had to work at my indoor “day job” and could not spend the day as they were, flying across the waves, soaking up the sunshine and playing in the wind.

I did get outside for a few minutes here and there during my work hours, reveling in the breeze and the warmth of sunshine on my face. After work I took a delicious bike ride as the evening sky deepened, pedaling to the Occoquan, where I found a beautiful wind on the river. There I stopped to take in the sensations of the riverside: the susurrus of waves against the shore, a chorus of tree frogs in the distance, the sensation of wind caressing my skin and the falling coolness of the air.

Although I did not spend this glorious day outside, sailing on the river as did my colleagues, I squeeze as much enjoyment as possible out of my moments of pleasure, and, perhaps I found even more than they, simply because I hold the pleasures more dearly.

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