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The ABC’s of Personal Happiness, as typed up by my friend’s late mother.

In my previous period of unemployment, which was a hell that lasted 14 months, I was struck by how much my identity was tied to my job/title/function. I found that “what do you do?” defined me almost entirely, to the point that it was nearly the same as “who are you and what are you made of?”

Now I am a little older and much wiser, I am also happy to just be and be who I am, rather than playing a particular role for someone else, especially one that is unsuitable.

Dovetailing with that has been the realization that my paid work has kept me from doing my true work, and has actually undermined me, as a person. I have noticed that the more I relax into being myself and stop trying to prove my worth by struggling to get by in this Engineered Austerity Economy, the more I make a difference to myself and to others.

Therefore, I am looking at largely leaving the money-based economy, and operating out of one that does not erode my self and undermine my best work, which is my calling.

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