Resisting the deadness and coming alive

TimesheetRecently, I remembered a day in 2005, in which I was standing on a busy corner during morning rush, participating in “Morning Viz” with a local political campaign–“Morning Viz” being short for “morning visibility,” a gathering of volunteers with signs, in an effort to increase voter awareness.

The commuters rolled past, most of them grim and glazed, oblivious to the beauty of the day, resigned to their crappy commutes to their crappy jobs. One of the young volunteers noticed those resigned faces and said, “I don’t ever want to end up like one of them.”

That scenario stuck with me, and when I rejoined the paid workforce a couple of years later, I actively worked to fight becoming grim and glazed, intentionally finding ways to stay awake and alive during my commute, and, in the past few years, also fighting the deadening forces of an unsuitable job in a toxic environment.

At last, I was recently able to walk away from that job, even without other employment lined up, and move into a better lifestyle, one in which I am not bound to those who seem to only understand their own needs and not others’, or who are unwilling to work together for mutual benefit.

As the weeks of freedom from such bondage begin to stretch out behind me, each day I feel lighter, happier, more alive, and more excited about my future and wherever it may lead. Good-bye to the old way, hello to the new!

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