Bye-bye big table

The big table, stripped of its usual antique linen tablecloth.

The big table, stripped of its usual antique linen tablecloth.

The big table is gone. A gift from my friend, Jane, when I bought the townhouse I call “My Palace of Peace,” this 5′ x 32″ table served my girls and me well. We gathered around it for dinner and celebrations many times over the past 7-1/2 years, including for our first holiday, Thanksgiving 2007. Numerous cups of coffee, tea, and cocoa- and glasses of wine and beer (and, occasionally, rrrrummmm) were shared with friends gathered here. Also, the sturdy table held many delicious dishes brought to full house pot-lucks.

Jane’s children had used the table for crafts and homework, and now it is gone on to its third home after a vivacious woman named Melanie picked it up, having seen my offer posted on Freecycle. She has plans to distress it further, and make it into a piece of art furniture for her own post-divorce townhouse. Then Melanie’s friends will gather around the table and make their own memories there.

As we loaded the table into her SUV, Melanie and I talked about the fun, surprises, and value of Freecycle. She noticed the empty, being-painted condition of my house and asked about my plans. After we shook hands, wished each other luck, and parted, Melanie sent me a text that said, “Feel free to keep my number and share your adventure! Good luck!” I assured her that I will, and I shall.

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