The Coming Tide of Covid-19 PTSD

Increasing portions of our world now operate in PTSD land. People are chronically stressed by the constant threat of danger from something over which they have no power. I want to welcome you to my world. Yes, Covid-19 is a different kind of stressor from those I’ve experienced, but the traumatic effects are basically the same.

A friend said she and her colleagues at work are have difficulties with things like decision-making, anxiety levels, emotional outbursts. Signs of trauma that can develp into PTSD. We’re going to have a huge uptick in PTSD diagnoses in a nation with a corporatized “healthcare” system that harms instead of helps because it ain’t about health and it ain’t about care. It ain’t even about science. It’s about monetizing the most vulnerable people so a few can enjoy outrageous means. Things are going to suck way more than they do now. Unless! Unless we are able to take our mental health care into our own hands through use  of available empowering tools and resources that support human mental health, the core of our physical health. I hope to provide tools, encouragement, and inspiration for healthier brains, nervous systems, and relationships during this especially stressful time. 

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