“Staying off the Trauma Train with Shay Seaborne: PYP 409”

“Staying off the Trauma Train with Shay Seaborne: PYP 409” with Howard Jacobson at Plant Yourself
My first feature-length podcast interview was with Howard Jacobson, gracious host of the Plant Yourself Podcast. It was fun and we covered a great deal. As Howard notes on the podcast page, “we covered the origins of trauma, the mistaken societal beliefs that reinforce trauma and get in the way of healing, and ways of empowering trauma survivors to reconnect with their bodies.” In addition, Howard and I talked about how the pandemic can set off unresolved past issues, and how we can protect ourselves from the most insidious long-term pandemic effect: chronic stress. Click on the link above to listen or go to YouTube below for the video.

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