If you have PTSD, the mental health system might drive you insane

If you have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD, the so-called “mental health care” system in America might drive you insane.¬† Like me, you could too easily find yourself in the loony bin just because you’d been traumatized a lot.

Trauma un-informed doctors, therapists, psychologists and others can and do easily harm others without inent or cognition. Some, like the “embedded” psychologist at ChristianaCare Foulk Road Family Medicine, can and do and will cause great harm because they think they are the knowledgeable god-like healer, and you are the weak thing that needs them to fix you.

If you’ve experienced Developmental Trauma/Adverse Childhood Experiences and ask the mainstream medical system to help, you could, like me, spend a week at Cuckoo’s Nest Junior where the system subjects you to more trauma and abuse, without providing any actual help.

I’m thankful I got out of there without more harm than I endured. It was easy to see most people weren’t as lucky because they didn’t have as many resources. Sadly, most don’t know it doesn’t have to be like that. They accept this system is “the way things are” because that’s what their life has taught them. They think this is therapy that this is what’s wrong with them and this “therapy” is going to put them on the right track for a little while. Until they come back through the system and make more money for those poised to reap the profits of human misery.

If you have PTSD and turn to the system for help, you could, like me, become human capital, enslaved to the mental health sausage machine, the psychological house of horrors. You turn to them for help and they smash you down and grind you down and call it “therapy.” I’m here to #MakeItStop¬†

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