Why We Need Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

Why We Need Trauma Informed Care

The trauma survivor’s Red Alert system is stuck on “HIGH,” but the trauma-uninformed psychologist has no clue. This one, at ChristianaCare thinks he is The Well And Knowing Doctor Who Bestows His Wisdom And Thereby Health Upon The Broken Patient. He can’t see the raging monster that chews her up. He has only a hammer called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Sadly, CBT can be a disaster for a trauma survivor. Her prefrontal cortex is largely inaccessible due to the trauma, and she needs her therapist to help her build a sense of safety before her brain can calm enough for CBT. An uninformed provider can and often does cause great harm to trauma survivors. His focus on “make better choices” is not only unhelpful and harmful, it pathologizes and shames the trauma survivor. This. Must. Stop.
Artwork by Shay Seaborne. All rights reserved.

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