I hate mindfulness dogma!

Some mindfulness proponents tell us we don’t have trauma if we just live in the present and “let the past go.” When it comes to Developmental Trauma, this is shaming and incorrect!

Unresolved trauma prevents us from living in the present. It is a nerophysiological response to threat that becomes fixed in the body until it can be resolved. It’s not about “letting go” but of slowly reorienting the nervous system toward safety and connection. This is not merely the responsibility of the injured person, but of their whole community. It takes a community to create Developmental Trauma and a community to heal from it. Mindfulness is a huge help, yes, and it can also be used to harm!

This is a serious problem with mainstream mindfulness culture. Even Eckhart Tolle skirts the issue of Developmental Trauma with a handful of mumbles. Mindfulness dogma is shaming of trauma survivors. It is just as awful as the Christian dogma and the psychological dogma. It is HARMFUL to trauma survivors. HARMFUL. It needs to stop. Now.
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