Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training from Zero Abuse Project is available online!

Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Care Training from Zero Abuse Project is available online! I endorse this program because it is offered by a non-profit that works in the trauma field, so they  know their stuff, and tuition costs don’t make some guy on the Internet rich, but support ZAP’s vital work. 
“Numerous research studies have shown how childhood stress and trauma can impact adult health. The Ace Study is the largest study investigating the health and social effects of negative childhood experiences. Now that we have the research, what can we do about it? The cycle of violence, generational poverty and abuse, homelessness, substance abuse, incarceration, perpetration and victimization of violence are all related to ACE’s. Strategies such as identification and assessment, reducing risk and exposure and nurturing resiliency and skill building are effective interventions. Changing the negative course that many children are on is our best way to prevent abuse in future generations. This presentation will increase your knowledge of trauma and provide ways to work with children, families and communities to reduce the impact of trauma.”
Part One: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Training 3.0 hours
Objectives: Gain in-depth knowledge of ACE research
Learn about the impact of trauma on development
Increase your understanding of working with challenging behaviors
Part Two: Trauma-Informed Care Training 3.5 hours
Parts One and Two may be scheduled together or separately.
Objectives: Understand the concept of trauma-informed and what steps you can take to incorporate this concept into your workplace
Learn strategies to promote resilience
Identify practical self-care and regulation tips for yourself and those who you serve
Class starts August 26, 2020 at 8:00 AM, so register before it’s booked solid! 
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