My “Patient Story” is up at Patients Rising

my patient story on patients rising

Screenshot of my “Patient Story” at Patients Rising.

“I am motivated by the unconscionable harm I received when I asked for help with Developmental Trauma. I saw the same thing had happened to most of the people in that ward: early trauma in a chronically toxic childhood environment gave rise to mental health issues upon which the predatory system fed without regard for the human lives it serves to destroy in the name of “mental health care.” I need to Make. It. Stop. however I can.

Therefore, became a Trauma-Awareness Activist-Artist. I paint watercolors about my experiences as well as the neurobiology of trauma and other concepts for education. I started the #TraumaAwareAmerica initiative, to inform providers and empower survivors. I spread the word that PTSD is not a “mental condition” that needs fixing by drugs, but a neurophysiological condition caused by the entrained firing patterns of the subcortical brain, particularly the amygdala. That nearly all mental health conditions can be traced back to Developmental Trauma, and we can help each other heal.”

Read the full story here.

Dire Need for Trauma Awareness in Providers

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