“Like Larry Nassar running with scissors”

After almost three years of recovery efforts following a brutal violation, I’m able to speak up and take action regarding the urogynecologist who sexually assaulted me with sharp instruments when he intentionally performed non-consensual surgery to remove healthy tissue from my genitals. This is a huge ethical and safety violation.

Even more disturbing, the butcher-surgeon’s MO aligns with the classic profile of the predatory physician given protection to operate unfettered with the institution’s tacit blessing. Nurses don’t call his surprise package of consensual and non-consensual procedures “The Dr. ___ Special” for nothing. [Name omitted for my protection, not his.]

 The idea of a Mengelesque surgeon who derives pleasure from his power over his incapacitated victims and gets away with cutting women’s genitals as a surprise seems too outrageously perverse to be real. But not all monsters are make-believe.

Experience with previous grievances tells me the mega-hospital will treat me as if I’m the problem. However, I trust that, as with the infamous Earl Bradley and Larry Nassar predatory physician cases, the truth will win in the end.

This malignant surgeon’s heinous act caused my development of Medical PTSD. I cannot undergo needed major surgery. Since this predator used a scalpel and a pair of scissors to remove healthy tissue from my genitals without my knowledge or consent while I was unconscious, it has been unsafe for me to be anesthetized. Even routine medical appointments are difficult and triggering.

 According to a series of Atlanta Journal-Constitution nationwide investigative reports, predatory doctors typically operate unfettered for years or decades, not because nobody knows, and not because nobody complains. Simply, “administrators may be unwilling to rock the boat unless allegations of abuse are undeniable,” to the extent they will even threaten those who complain. I expect the latter is likely in this predatory surgeon’s case, considering that the corporate legal sabers rattled after I began to share on social media about my experience of previous medical neglect and abuse in its system.

It’s clear the butcher-surgeon has been protected far too long. No more. It ends here. Revealing the facts breaks the spell of corporate privilege for an exceptionally vile predatory surgeon who cuts unconscious women’s genitals without permission, not for medical necessity but for his perverse pleasure in the power to harm and the distress he causes his victims. That’s what predators do. That’s what they feed upon, the harm and the power they have in causing it. For them cruelty is pleasure, and this surgeon’s tissue-chopping genital mutilation is particularly heinous. He’s like Larry Nassar running with scissors. 

My previous interactions with the corporation on any issue were fruitless; corporate stonewalling, obfuscation, and loads of meaningless words only increased my distress. Therefore, I will simply want to know when this predatory doctor loses his privilege to practice and the hospital has fully cooperated with the investigation. Nothing else.

In the meantime, I shall do my part to assure this malignant operator is stopped and held accountable for what he did to me and his other victims.

Here’s to the removal of this depraved predatory surgeon from the halls of medicine, where he is a menace and liability.

The silencing is over. The point of undeniability is here. It is time to MAKE. IT. STOP

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