The myth of self-regulation

Healing from trauma requires co-regulation with regulated nervous systems, particularly for those who experienced Developmental Trauma, which most often occurs in relationships. We are MADE to co-regulate. Wired for it. Co-regulation is a biological imperative. That means we cannot survive without it. But our culture tells us there’s something wrong with our character if we can’t override our own biology and self-regulate. It’s not what’s wrong with us it’s what’s wrong with the culture.

The Myth of Self-Regulation: How Our Inner Community Supports Us Every Day
A FREE Video Learning Session with Bonnie Badenoch, PhD, LMFT
In this video, we’ll be exploring:
What every therapist (and human) needs to know about themselves
Why our well-intended tools and plans can often fail to help clients
How to encourage a safe and nurturing “inner community” in others


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