Letter to DE Medical Licensing Board re Discipline for Non-Consensual Genital Cutting

The Predatory Man is a Monster in DisguiseDear Chairman and Members of the Board,

As you know, in a doctor-patient relationship the professional has the burden of responsibility to perform their duties. This includes respecting the concept of informed consent and the patient’s right to make decisions about what happens to her body.

In Delaware, it seems it doesn’t really matter what [Surgeon’s name redacted to protect the author.] did to me and how it affected my mental and physical health forever. Rather, the question is whether his behavior was outside the standard of care set by the medical board. Informed consent is the standard of care.

Even if we ascribe good motives to a surgeon who performs additional procedures, he should not reach that decision without obtaining consent from the patient. Even if he acted out of the purest of motives, it is not okay. “I do this to you and you figure it out over the course of months” is a violation of patient trust and agency.

The lawyers want you to look at one sentence in the consent form, not at what the surgeon did to his patient. That perspective is one reason Delaware’s patient protections are shockingly weak. Without public accountability, there is virtually no way to recognize a [Surgeon’s name redacted to protect the author.], Earl Bradley, or Larry Nassar until it’s too late. The existing “protections” recently noted to me were that I can ask the next surgeon to tell me in advance and hope they are honest, or “talk to your legislator,” neither of which provides any actual protection. There are few protections, even for you and your loved ones. Filing a complaint will be the closest you can get to accountability or justice.

You can’t fix a malignant narcissist with sensitivity training and a private reprimand is no protection for the women of Delaware. If the penalty is a “letter of concern” he will have two more chances before there’s an investigation. Of course, given the sensitivity of the experience and unlikely chance of any resolution, odds are low another patient would have the tremendous fortitude required to navigate this process, to even first put words to the unspeakable cruelty and its impact on our whole selves and whole lives. Even if she somehow does, he still gets one more chance. Without any mark on his public record, the surgeon can also move his practice to PA, MD, NJ, or any other state, where he would not be impeded.

I strongly urge you to exercise the strictest possible discipline against [Surgeon’s name redacted to protect the author.]’s license for this breach of professional and ethical conduct. It’s important to make a public record of his behavior so other women who want to choose a doctor can understand what he might do to them, too. If you don’t do everything you can to stop him, you’re telling me and all the women of Delaware that we’re not worthy of your protection from egregious harm simply because this abuser wears a white coat.

The lawyers say that due to one sentence in the consent form, I consented to everything. I say I did not consent to tissue removal or external incisions. Please view the accompanying Lapbook Gallery and decide for yourself. It took great courage and effort for me to come forward. I have done everything within my legal power to make it stop. Now it’s up to you. Please, make it stop. Thank you.


Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

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