The importance of decisive action

Sometimes I’m frustrated that my body needs every freaking thing in little bits! Evidently I’ve overused my hands and wrists messing with clay. And I’m driven to make one more niche.

But my body says stop. So I need to focus on other things for a day or two. AUGH!

Well, the default has become “when I’m angry, frustrated, furious, distressed, or grieving, take a step toward accountability and justice for those in positions of power and privilege who enjoy the sport of harming those who have less.”

“Reality unfolds like stepping stones across a river. ” – David Bohm, physicist

One baby step in the right direction and then another…

“Focused attention is our superpower. ” – Dr. Dan Siegel, neuropsychiatrist

Decisive action is the antidote to despair, hopelessness, helplessness, and rage.

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