No shame in survival responses!

No shame in survival responses! Every living organism is naturally and normally oriented toward safety, integration/wholeness, and well-being. From an Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) lens, the “something preventing that from happening” is never the organism, but impediments created by the environment.

In addition, an IPNB view shows that feelings, thoughts, and behaviors are expressions of the internal state. When the internal state is regulated, so are feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and the body systems. The goal, then, is not to “move past the disordered condition,” (“disordered condition” being a pathologizing/shaming and inaccurate term), but to remove impediments to the natural and normal orientation. IE, change the environment into one that supports human health and well-being.

Mainstream thought represses the truth that trauma responses are never the fault of the individual but a failure of their environment. The nervous system will learn to feel safe when the individual is safe enough for long enough. But who is safe in our culture of cruelty and contempt?

Fortunately, the scientific field of Interpersonal Neurobiology reveals the truth; how we treat each other changes who we are.

We don’t need more shame; we need an Interpersonal Neurobiology Revolution.


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