My Insurer Protects the Predator

After I reported “The Dr. Goldstein Special” (a combination of consensual and non-consensual procedures performed on female genitals), my insurance company, Highmark Health Options (HHO), stated that his deviance and deceit were “standard care” so I had nothing to complain about. This is an excerpt from my response to HHO:

HHO’s letter expresses regret at my “feelings of dissatisfaction,” but not in the facts of my dissatisfaction. Regret about my feelings is not empathy, compassion, and apology, or anything useful. It’s actually condescending.

What I need is the kind of support that doesn’t just help me “cope,” as the letter put it, but helps me resolve the core issue, which is cruelty and contempt at the hands of caregivers including a surgeon who cut approximately 2 square inches of healthy tissue off my genitals without consent after promising there would be no external incisions and no tissue removed.

The letter states that HHO… “fully addressed” my concerns. NO, it did not! Y’all closed my complaint without regard for the person who was deeply harmed by a predatory surgeon who continues to cut women’s genitals with impunity because the system allows him. Just like Robert Hadden, Larry Nasser, and Earl Bradley, among many other infamous predatory perverts in white coats.

“The response from institutions is always a mashup of victim blaming, cover-up, stonewalling, retaliation, obstruction, obfuscation, and even golden parachutes for those in power most complicit in the network. Some low-level culprit will go to jail, and all will be well in the kingdom of institutional protection of predators.
“Survivors are marginalized, gaslighted, lied to, mislead, tortured by inept…proceedings designed to conceal instead of reveal truth and their voices silenced.” – “At The Heart Of The Gold: How ‘Predatory’ Institutions Covered Up Child Sexual Abuse Of USA Gymnastics,” –by Shari Karney at “Roar as One,” June 17, 2019

HHO is protecting [a perpetrator of sexualized violence] through its denial of my truth and lived experience and what’s in the record. It supports a malicious pervert who perpetrates sexualized violence against vulnerable targets who are anesthetized so they can’t even scream. It is medicalized female genital mutilation but HHO calls it “standard care.”

[Name partially redacted to protect the writer] Goldstein’s treachery has destroyed my way of life, cut me off from my communities, damaged my capacity to socially engage, and made me terrified of surgeons, doctors, men, and people. I have Medical PTSD caused by his malicious and intentional harm. This deeply affects my quality of life every day…

But HHO treats me like I’m the problem.

I will never stop talking about this. I will scream it until I am heard. when the Press picks up on this I will certainly let them know that HHO stood by not me, the subscriber and victim, but by the predator in a white coat.

HHO has failed me tremendously.



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