About Medically Unnecessary Non-Voluntary Genital Cutting

“The fact that nonvoluntary genital cutting can sometimes be made less physically, if not emotionally, harmful through medicalization does not necessarily make it any less wrongful. A person can be wronged without being harmed, and vice versa (Archard 2007). In bypassing (or preempting; see Möller 2017) a person’s ability to set and maintain their own bodily or sexual boundaries, nonconsensual genital cutting may wrong the person regardless of the level of harm caused…” 

The threshold for wronging a nonconsenting person in this context is ‘mere’ medically unnecessary genital touching...More broadly, trust in the medical profession may be damaged when health care providers perform medically unnecessary procedures on the genitals of nonconsenting persons (Barnes 2012)…FGM/C represents a violation of women’s physical intactness. Moreover, it may cause psychological trauma to the point of developing a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) according to the DSM-IV criteria,23 as well as to those of the more recent DSM-5.24 One should also consider that the Istanbul Convention adopted by the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers in 2011 recognized FGM/C as a form of gender-based violence…There is evidence that women with FGM/C are more likely to experience anxiety, somatization, phobia, and low self-esteem than those without genital mutilation.26 In a pilot study on 47 Senegalese women, Behrendt and Moritz22 showed a significantly higher prevalence of PTSD (30.4%, n=7/23) and other psychiatric syndromes (47.9%, n=11/23) in 23 cut women (vs. 24 uncut participants). In addition, PTSD was associated with memory problems.22 The high percentage of PTSD (>30%) in women with FGM/C was comparable with that observed in cases of early childhood abuse (usually between 30% and 50%).22 These results are in line with those found by Chibber et al.27 in a cross-sectional study on 4800 pregnant women; more than half of women with FGM/C showed affective disorders, with PSTD rate up to 30%.” (Buggio L, Facchin F, Chiappa L, Barbara G, Brambilla M, Vercellini P (2019) “Psychosexual consequences of female genital mutilation and the impact of reconstructive surgery: a narrative review,” Health Equity 3:1, 36-46, DOI: 10.1089/heq.2018.0036.)

ChristianaCare allows a gynecologist to serially perform “The Dr. Goldstein Special” on untold numbers of Delaware residents. Deputy Attorney General Zoe Plerhoples, touting her “background in domestic violence,” says it is OK!

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