Review of Howard B. Goldstein, DO, MPH

goldstein photo cchs website screenshotIn February 2019 ChristianaCare urogynecologist, Howard B. Goldstein, DO, MPH performed two procedures on me without consent after he withheld vital information I needed to make an informed decision. I had twice consented to a “single minorly-invasive procedure with no external incisions and no tissue removal… [with] 6 weeks recovery, then back to a normal life forever,” a sacrospinous ligament suspension with a possible cystoscopy (viewing of the interior of the bladder). I consented to no other treatment.

While I was still doped up, the urogynecologist told me he’d “had to” perform two other procedures. The nurse, on hearing about this from another nurse, exclaimed, “Oh, the Dr. Goldstein Speical!'” According to numerous healthcare providers, this means he’s done it to many. It seems like Informed Consent is no more than a nice concept.

After I got home I looked up the 2 unauthorized procedures and found he had done exactly what he had promised he would not do! Goldstein cut pieces of healthy tissue–including muscle!–off my genitals without consent! Instead of the promised 6 weeks of recovery for the consensual surgery, he said, “You’re going to be in pain for at least 6 months.” He tried to shame me when I said he should have informed me first. His betrayal caused me serious Medical PTSD which I have yet to recover from in the 5+ years since.

What Howard B. Goldstein DO, MPH did to me is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). He was a known problem and ChristianaCare still let him operate on me, enabling his abuse of my body and person. I would not let anyone I care about go anywhere near that man or the hospital that employs and protects him at the expense of his unnumbered victims. If they protect this level of evil, it’s likely that they would also protect countless lesser evils, none of which I would wish to encounter.

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