Made With Anger: “Throwing Pods” as safe communal release

viva throwing pods

My friend, Viva, throwing a Throwing Pod

Throwing Pods are a creative and therapeutic tool to release anger in a safe and constructive manner. Recognizing the need for an outlet for strong emotions, Shay Seaborne CPTSD designed these Pods to be thrown with a small group of friends. They offer an avenue for artistic expression and encourage mindfulness and self-awareness.

The Pods are crafted from unfired clay shaped into small vessels, and filled with paint. They are designed to burst on impact when thrown against a canvas laid on the ground, releasing their contents in a visually striking manner. Participants engage in the activity by taking turns to throw the Pods. Each person pauses beforehand to reflect on their emotions and set an intention for the throw. This can range from releasing intense rage to performing a more ceremonial and gentle action.

The physical act of throwing and the subsequent explosion of the Pod provide a powerful release of pent-up anger and frustration. The “POP!” sound and the visual impact of the paint splattering can evoke feelings of power and satisfaction. Additionally, shared participation in the activity can strengthen bonds between participants as they support each other in their emotional expression.

The immediate result of using Throwing Pods is a vivid and unique piece of art created by the collective emotional expressions of the participants. The process often leaves participants feeling lighter and more at peace, having had a safe space to release their emotions. 

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