About Shay:

I am a:  Writer & Speaker •  Community OrganizerEvent Coordinator & PublicistHomeschooling ParentSurvivor & Thriver

I am one of those reportedly rare native northern Virginians, and have made my home in Woodbridge since 1991. I enjoy gardening and raising houseplants, dancing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming,  and early morning bicycle rides. I also like to experience a wide variety of food, music, song, dance, storytelling, and other cultural expressions.

A softie for wayward animals, I have often found myself responsible for wandering dogs, unwanted cats, and injured wildlife. My family has a dog and two cats, all of whom were rescued. The first as an abused and neglected puppy we adopted from a rescue group, the later I trapped when they were wild kittens. With a lot of care and understanding, all have become happy, loving members of our family.

In January, 2008, I retired after six years of service on the Board of Directors of The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers). During the 10 years that I served as a primary volunteer for that organization I also provided consultation, graphics, website development and administration and other assistance to five candidates for public office, and continue to serve as Assistant Web Administrator for a local not-for-profit.

I am also the founding Skipper (Scoutmaster) of a Sea Scout “ship” (unit) in my area. While I retired from this position after about three years, I appreciate the opportunity to still share my love of sailing with younger people and to watch them use these experiences to help them grow into who they will become.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Gearharts Chocolates are my absolute favorite confectionary indulgence. If you want to influence, bribe, or impress me, have Gearharts send me at least a 16-piece box. Then we can talk. I hope you will forgive me if my mouth is full. [Back to the top.]

2 Responses to About Shay:

  1. Sarah Brock says:

    Hello girl! I’m on facebook. Just wanted to check if your old address was still good. I’m on facebook too.


    Sarah Brock
    Tokyo Japan

  2. Shay says:

    Hi, Sarah! So wonderful to hear from you! I am in my own house now, not far from there, but not there! I will email you!

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