Shay’s favorite books on healthy boundaries

Boundary Power: How I Treat You, How I Let You Treat Me, How I Treat Myself by Mike S. O’Neil, Charles E. Newbold, Jr.

This workbook explains the concept of boundaries, helps readers learn how to identify unhealthy boundaries, and learn to set new, healthier boundaries on all levels. It doesn’t shy away from the tough questions, like “How have you violated someone’s boundary recently?” Although from a Christian perspective, and containing a full (and excellent) chapter on religious boundary violations, those of other persuasions–including atheists–could overlook the slight religious content and benefit greatly by working through the book.

Boundaries: Where you end and I begin by Anne Katherine

The author maintains that the first step to true autonomy is setting personal boundaries–physical, mental, and emotional separations that define an individual’s independence–and she reveals how to protect these boundaries as well.

Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day by Anne Katherine

A practical guide to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in a wide range of situations.

Boundaries by Henry, Dr. Cloud, John, Dr. Townsend

Psychologists and inspirational speakers Cloud and Townsend show readers how to set reasonable boundaries in order to “follow the true path of Christianity.”

Boundaries Workbook by Henry Cloud, John Townsend

Based on the best-selling, award-winning book by Drs. Cloud and Townsend, this is a psychological survival manual that will give you biblically based answers to questions you have about setting and maintaining boundaries.

Better Boundaries; Owning and treasuring your life by Jan Black and Greg Enns

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