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Public Safety Meeting Presentation: “The Intersection of Public Safety and Mental Health”

Last night, for the first time in many years, I spoke in public. This was at a local public safety meeting coordinated by my State Representative, Larry Lambert, a fine human being. Also present were representatives of our local first … Continue reading

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Who is Della the Janked-Up Ladybug?

Della the Janked-Up Ladybug™ is a fairly recent arrival to my art. I’m interested in the cartoon as a medium that offers a measure of safety to viewers, so they can take in something that might otherwise be overwhelming. My … Continue reading

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“Unleash the Ladybug!”

Della the Janked-Up Ladybug helped me launch my tiny-but-pointed #TraumaAwareAmerica initiative. It focuses on trauma awareness/education and the rights of traumatized people. I initially aimed at frontline providers, because they were the ones who could have greatly helped instead of … Continue reading

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Why We Need Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

The trauma survivor’s Red Alert system is stuck on “HIGH,” but the trauma-uninformed psychologist has no clue. This one, at ChristianaCare thinks he is The Well And Knowing Doctor Who Bestows His Wisdom And Thereby Health Upon The Broken Patient. … Continue reading

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Homeschooling as a UU Journey

Delivered August 8, 2004 at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church, Burke, VA Take a moment to think on a time, maybe not too long ago, when you were excited about learning something that interests you—perhaps a new hobby or a craft, … Continue reading

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The world becomes more glorious

Little about conventional sailing prepares one to sail a 300-ton replica of a 17th century armed merchant vessel. For starters, rather than having one or two masts and a handful of sheets and halyards, such a ship has four masts, … Continue reading

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Germ warfare

Hand washing and safe food handling are very important to me. I’m not above bringing food safety brochures to potlucks. This fixation is not without cause, though; as a teenager, I contracted my first obvious food-borne illness, Montezuma’s Revenge, after … Continue reading

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Making up grades

People like to categorize other people. They can look and (usually) know the classification we seem to feel is most important–gender–and we can sort of guess the age, and, therefore, if we care, a child’s school grade level. As my … Continue reading

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A byproduct of public school

I attended 10 years of public school…but have never considered myself a product of the school system. Perhaps, though, I am a byproduct of public school. Continue reading

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A pivotal point

I was a goody two-shoes in the elementary years, but in middle school I began to recognize that the sytem had some serious flaws, and I started to take contrary action. A gender issue awakened my consciousness. Being denied the education I wanted–solely on the basis of my gender–was an offense that fired my anger and resolve. Continue reading

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