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Physician reviews as justice

Posting a review of a bad healthcare experience is one of the very few options for neglected and abused service users to create accountability. The healthcare system is woefully lacking in safety and accountability mechanisms to the extent it offers … Continue reading

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Physician empathy is a powerful healthcare intervention

As a trauma survivor who has studied Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) for five years, I have learned that empathy is vital to human well-being, especially after trauma, and that, neurophysiologically, I need empathy. It helps integrate the brain, which helps the … Continue reading

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ChristianaCare Patient and Family Relations’ Disregard for Patient Needs and Safety

I wanted to pursue a serious grievance regarding a ChristianaCare medical experience that caused me significant and lasting harm. I received communiques that are unhelpful, and mostly gobbledygook. I only received the vaguest assurance of any resolution of the harmful … Continue reading

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The “Patel Pause”: building capacity for trust after trauma

A brief, simple protocol of granting and withdrawing consent can help restore patient trust after medical or other trauma. An increased sense of safety and agency in your practice will help traumatized patients return instead of postponing care. The Patel … Continue reading

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