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Harness the Power of Connection and Community

As human beings, connection and a sense of belonging are essential for living and thriving. Sadly it’s not always easy to get these needs met – or not optimally. Enjoy this short video to learn: Why are connection and community … Continue reading

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Letter to DE Medical Licensing Board re Discipline for Non-Consensual Genital Cutting

Dear Chairman and Members of the Board, As you know, in a doctor-patient relationship the professional has the burden of responsibility to perform their duties. This includes respecting the concept of informed consent and the patient’s right to make decisions … Continue reading

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Open letter to Delaware Division of Professional Regulation

A medical procedure begins with consent. Without consent, it is not medical treatment. It is abuse. The state police said the licensing board determines whether the surgeon’s non-consensual cutting of my genitals was a crime or medicine. A medical procedure … Continue reading

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“Like Larry Nassar running with scissors”

After almost three years of recovery efforts following a brutal violation, I’m able to speak up and take action regarding the urogynecologist who sexually assaulted me with sharp instruments when he intentionally performed non-consensual surgery to remove healthy tissue from … Continue reading

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