People’s Rally for Medical Rights and Safety

VIRTUAL People’s Rally for Medical Rights and Safety
WED October 26
12pm – 2pm
ONLINE (details TBD by 10/24)

An Art-Driven Interpersonal Neurobiology-Informed Event

Intended to spread awareness about patient and provider rights and safety, bring survivors and care providers together for support, and join our voices for greater administrative and legal protections. 

Shared Stories
Compassionate Witnessing

Organized by Shay Seaborne, CPTSD, artist, educator, and activist, who will speak of her experience with harmful medical practices including non-consensual surgery. Other speakers will relate their stories through spoken word, songs, poetry, or art.

Viva Best is our Creative Director. She brings to this premiere event a lifetime of experience as a patient in the mental health realm and offers a uniquely qualified and articulate perspective, as well as an uncanny ability to connect, inspire, and empower through hands-on interactive art experiences.

Providers, patients, and loved ones are encouraged to send their own written words, signed or unsigned, that could be read aloud at the event and sent to Delaware elected officials. 

With our voices of lived experience, we can raise a chorus for policy and legislative change. As vocal constituents, consumers, and providers, we can pressure the legislature and the industry for better medicine for ourselves and future Delawareans.


12:00 pm – “Not Informed, No Consent, and No Recourse: why I created the People’s Rally for Medical Rights and Safety” presentation by Shay Seaborne, CPTSD

12:30 pm – “Mental Health Care in America,” by Viva Best

1:oo pm – “The Physician Burnout and Suicide Epidemic is Environmental,” presentation by Shay Seaborne

1:30 pm – (TENTATIVE) “How We Treat Each Other Changes Who We Are,”  Interpersonal Neurobiology demo by Shay Seaborne, CPTSD and Viva Best

1:45 pm – Closing words

We are working hard to make this an effective, engaging, and healing event. You are invited to collaborate! If you would like to join hands for better medicine, please tell us about the talent, info, experience, etc. you feel moved to share.

We welcome collaborators of all kinds: artists, musicians, other performers, readers, speakers, personal stories (especially from providers), drum circle leaders, photographers, social media wonks, techies, writers, editors, videographers, helpers, speakers, readers, social media users, and financial support. Fill out our online contact form or  Email Us if you have talents, interests, information, or skills to share.

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