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The depth of her strength

Long ago a tender, loving and trusting fairy child was born into a spellbound family. Under an age-old curse, her parents could not love. In an attempt to break the spell, the girl gave up large portions of her Self: … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day message: twisted

This morning I am considering how Mother’s Day began as a day for mothers to oppose war–so, as Julia Ward Howe wrote, “Our husbands shall not come to us reeking with carnageā€¦Our sons shall not be taken from us to … Continue reading

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Peace dove

I realized that these were people I saw once a year, and with whom I had no other contact. They did not even send holiday cards, much less call on the phone, or acknowledge the birth of a baby or an anniversary. Our relationship existed just one night per year. Continue reading

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Tami’s own special way

Late last week I received an update about Tami, the young teen in my post, “A Girl I Don’t Know,” and about the teen group in general. The news touched my heart and soul, bringing forth tears of gratitude and … Continue reading

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A girl I don’t know

Today I am thinking about a girl I don’t know, but whom I met the other day. I spoke to this girl for about an hour. She didn’t say anything to me, and only looked at me a little. But … Continue reading

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