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DO THIS, NOT THAT! When Compassionate Witnessing Goes Wrong

In this video, Imogen Ragone and I provide practical information about what to do, and crucially, what NOT to do. They discuss how to identify and avoid the common mistakes that undermine meaningful connection, and what you can do instead. … Continue reading

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Compassionate witnessing: what is it and why does it seem like magic?

Do you know what it means to be a compassionate witness? It’s a term that’s been bandied around quite a bit recently and is something we’ve discussed in depth in Imogen Ragone‘s weekly BodyIntelligence, Neurobiology, and Trauma ongoing study group. … Continue reading

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Complex PTSD Recovery Tools

Having survived severe Developmental Trauma, lived with Complex PTSD my entire life, and studied the neurobiology of fear for about 6 years, I’ve developed a strong set of recovery tools. These are selected for their positive neurophysiological effect and support … Continue reading

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