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How to recognize a pervert

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to determine who is a pervert.  I’m talking about the kind of perverts who sexually assault other people. They don’t come from any given ethnic or socioeconomic background and they rarely look like a … Continue reading

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That time the Coast Guard rescued us

So therrre I wuzzz*,  unaware of what would soon begin as I stood my 4 a.m.- 8 a.m. watch aboard a 42’ catamaran that was 24’ wide. Two fellow crew, our skipper and I were charged to deliver the boat … Continue reading

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Homeschooling as a UU Journey

Delivered August 8, 2004 at Accotink Unitarian Universalist Church, Burke, VA Take a moment to think on a time, maybe not too long ago, when you were excited about learning something that interests you—perhaps a new hobby or a craft, … Continue reading

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The great give-away

In some Native American cultures, people perform a ceremony called a “give-away” as a public recognition of a new personal status–such as through a wedding, or the naming of a baby–or to express thanks for blessings received. Last year, I … Continue reading

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The 4th grade lesson for all

With an increase in hateful behavior in America, apparently inspired by presidential candidate vitriol known as “the Drumpf Effect,” perhaps it is time to change our schools’ curriculum in response, and bring back the exercise that my 4th grade teacher used … Continue reading

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The world becomes more glorious

Little about conventional sailing prepares one to sail a 300-ton replica of a 17th century armed merchant vessel. For starters, rather than having one or two masts and a handful of sheets and halyards, such a ship has four masts, … Continue reading

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Soul like an inner activist

“What if the soul is like an inner activist, disrupting your status quo, creating imbalance, finding nourishment in illness, moving you not only into light but also the dark, and leaving you unsure of your most cherished beliefs?” These are … Continue reading

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Dancing with strangers

Recently I danced with 27 strangers in one night. All at the same time. This was a special Sacred Circle Dance event in the St. Joseph’s Chapel of the Washington National Cathedral, to which I was invited by my dear friend, Jean. To … Continue reading

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Sea Scouts rock their first race

Two scouts and two adult leaders from Sea Scout Ship 100, DOMINION, donned their formal dress white uniforms to perform the flag raising during the opening ceremony of Quantico Yacht Club‘s fourth annual Open House. Shortly thereafter, they swapped out … Continue reading

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The two kinds of luck

Luck may appear to be something that just happens to us, but we can often make our own luck when it depends on opportunities seen or made and taken. For instance, I feel very lucky to have wonderful friends, but … Continue reading

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