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Happy Mother’s Day, Jerome

My thoughtful daughters gave me colorful flowers and a lobster dinner, but the most memorable part of my Mother’s Day was helping to save a young man from himself while simultaneously betraying him. I first saw him through my front … Continue reading

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Love them the most when they act the least lovable

Kids seem to know when a parent is most overloaded–and that’s when they act up the worst! I swear they have radar for this. If yours are like mine, they even have a pact to take turns being “the bad … Continue reading

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The courage to turn the other cheek

One evening last week, I asked a friend to make plans to come through on a favor he had gladly offered me in exchange for a favor to him. I sent the request by text message, since I know that … Continue reading

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Here’s to dads!

Here’s to the dads who consciously and actively parent. To the ones who protect- and engage with their children, the ones who enjoy and adore their kids, the ones who practice patience, express love, and take pride in the young … Continue reading

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Receiving with grace

I have always been- and will always be a giver, but I am still learning how to receive with grace. The culture of my family of origin required that I become fiercely independent; having needs was deemed shameful, selfish, and … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day message: twisted

This morning I am considering how Mother’s Day began as a day for mothers to oppose war–so, as Julia Ward Howe wrote, “Our husbands shall not come to us reeking with carnageā€¦Our sons shall not be taken from us to … Continue reading

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Haunted by Anna

It was a gorgeous day to canvass for my fave candidate for public office. Clear blue sky, plenty of sunshine, and a stiff breeze that took the edge off the heat. I drove to the Party HQ, pleased to have … Continue reading

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Love buckets

My new post, “Love Buckets,” is up at TheHomeSchoolMom blog. Excerpt: The most important aspects of family centered education are things not easily measured by standardized testing, and are absent from most ready-made curricula. There were many concepts I wanted … Continue reading

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Nothing more holy

“All about the love, and if we don’t go here ourselves, all of us, we aren’t going to make it.” Continue reading

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A girl I don’t know

Today I am thinking about a girl I don’t know, but whom I met the other day. I spoke to this girl for about an hour. She didn’t say anything to me, and only looked at me a little. But … Continue reading

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