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I asked for help and they gave me hell

Five years ago today I walked into a satellite office of the mega-hospital here in Upper Delaware and asked for help with severe Developmental Trauma from extreme Adverse Childhood Experiences. The embedded psychologist must have thought I said I wanted … Continue reading

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Public Safety Meeting Presentation: “The Intersection of Public Safety and Mental Health”

Last night, for the first time in many years, I spoke in public. This was at a local public safety meeting coordinated by my State Representative, Larry Lambert, a fine human being. Also present were representatives of our local first … Continue reading

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Cuckoo’s Nest, Day 6

“Dr. Silman said they couldn’t release me tomorrow after all. That I had to stay a couple more days. WTF? She tried to tell me I’m not stable yet. I showed her the cover of my notebook and noted, ‘This … Continue reading

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America’s “standard treatment” for childhood trauma: more abuse and neglect

If you had “good enough” parents you were blessed with a fairly regulated nervous system, integrated brain, and secure attachment style. These contribute greatly to a sense of well-being from which health arises and a good life can unfold. If  … Continue reading

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If you have PTSD, the mental health system might drive you insane

If you have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Complex PTSD, the so-called “mental health care” system in America might drive you insane.  Like me, you could too easily find yourself in the loony bin just because you’d been traumatized a … Continue reading

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